Answers to Frequently Asked Questions!

We’ve compiled a few answers to questions that we have been asked a few times and ones we think might crop up from time to time.
If your question isn’t answered here, please send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can with an answer!

What’s the difference between having a FREE Earring Directoy Profile and purchasing a Premium Business Membership?

Any eligible earring business can list their business on Earring Directory with a basic profile that is searchable in the directory for free. The key difference between a free profile and a paid membership is a business with a paid membership has more information listed on their profile and can add posts to their profile wall which are shared on Earring Directory’s growing Instagram!


A Basic Business Profile searchable in the earring business directory including:

  • Cover Image and Profile Image
  • Country Location
  • Instagram link
  • Custom Order Status
  • Free Shipping Status
  • Be found based on the style, material and theme of earrings
  • A reviews section (where logged in users can review your business)


A Premium Business Profile searchable in the earring business directory including all above listed Basic Business Profile features and the below additional profile info and features:

  • On sign up, Earring Directory features your business on their main Instagram page within 48 hours (Monday – Friday) to their growing Instagram following of earring lovers!
  • Each time you renew your monthly Premium membership, Earring Directory will share your business on their main Instagram feed within 48 hours if you share an eligible post on your Earring Directory profile wall within 12 hours of your monthly membership renewing!
  • To get shared on Earring Directory’s main Instagram page when it suits your business, Premium members have access to purchase an Instagram Page feature for a small fee of AU$2.99 – LEARN MORE
  • Add social media style posts to your profile wall (like Facebook!) including, images, links and unlimited text! (up to 4 of these will be shared on Earring Directory’s Instagram stories per week)
  • Add your website to your profile
  • Receive private messages via your Earring Directory profile
  • Create photo albums
  • Add a short text announcement with important info at the top of your profile
  • Add your Facebook page if you have one
  • Add additional search keywords
  • Add a ‘seeking stockists’ advice to make it easy for potential new stockists to find you
  • Verification Request option enabled (see info on this faqs page about verification and how it works)
  • Your business profile showcases on the Featured Business page

I’ve created a profile. Why isn’t my profile showing in the Business Directory?

We’ve set up the directory to be the most visually appealing for users, so members who haven’t uploaded a profile picture will be hidden from the directory. As soon as you upload your profile picture, and your profile is set to public (it is public by default – you have to manually go to your account settings to make your profile private!) your profile will be automatically listed in the business and member directories.

I’m from a country outside of Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Singapore, USA and Canada and want to know if I can set up a business profile for my earring business?

At this stage, Earring Directory only caters to the above listed countries. Subscribe to our mailing list to be first to know when we open our virtual doors to earring businesses in other countries.

How do I get a verification badge on my profile?

A verification badge is reserved for businesses who have been able to be confirmed by Earring Directory as a genuine, local business selling handcrafted or locally produced earrings.

A business must have a Premium Business Membership for 3 consecutive months before verification will be considered.

Verification badges cannot be purchased but you can obtain verification by being verified by the any one of the following criteria.

  • Reviews – a business has an average 5 star review rating with a minimum of 20 reviews
  • Earring Directory interaction & engagement – a business shares regular posts on their Earring Directory social wall with consistent original, high quality content and actively promotes their profile on Earring Directory via their other social media platforms.
  • Influencial Instagram Following: a business has more than 10k followers on Instagram with a high engagement
  • A product from a business’s most recent collection is gifted to an Earring Directory team member and has been verified as handmade or locally produced by that team member. LEARN MORE
  • If they meet any of the above requirements, Premium Business Members can submit a request via their My Account page.

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