Subscription Payment Terms
  • If you have selected a Premium Membership subscription plan, access to Premium features and services are subject to the timely payment to Earring Directory of the fees set out in the subscription plan you have selected and by using the payment method you have selected in connection with the subscription plan.
  • The subscription period and billing cycle are set out in the subscription plan and Earring Directory will charge the applicable fees in accordance with the billing cycle using the payment method you have selected.
  • You agree that Earring Directory is permitted to charge the applicable fees to you by using the payment method you have chosen on an ongoing basis and in advance of the subscription period, and any applicable taxes, and other charges you may incur from your subscription.
  • Earring Directory is not responsible for charges you may incur in connection with the payments (such as transaction, overdraft or interest fees and charges). Earring Directory may change the billing cycle and the fees. Any changes will be notified to you in advance. Such changes will only be effective when your subscription is renewed. If you don’t agree to the changes, as your sole and exclusive remedy may terminate your subscription by cancelling your subscription via the My Account page.
  • Fees and charges are not refundable unless otherwise provided by applicable mandatory law or expressly stated in these Terms.
  • Non payment of your subscription will cease your access to Premium Membership features immediately.
  • If a subscription is cancelled by you, your profile will immediately be downgraded to a FREE Basic Membership regardless of when the previous payment was processed.
  • If a subscription payment fails on more than three separate occasions, your Premium membership will be cancelled indefinitely and your profile will be removed from Earring Directory with no recourse to create a new profile under the same business name.