Earring Directory Business Help Page

This page will help you with getting the most out of your Earring Directory business profile.

Main menu options

SEARCH DIRECTORY: All earring business members are accessible on this page and can be found based on the information provided in their business profile.

VIEW ALL MEMBERS: Allows users to search for all public profiles including earring businesses and non-earring businesses (Earring Lovers) on Earring Directory based on their location and favourite earring styles, materials and themes to wear.

MY NEWSFEED: Post on your wall to share news and events with your followers and view all posts shared by people and earring businesses you follow.

MY PROFILE: View and edit your public business profile including your profile image and cover image.

MY ACCOUNT: View and edit your account information including your password, profile privacy settings, notifications, subscriptions, billing address and payment info.

Editing your Business Profile

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be automatically redirected to your profile page. You can always get back to it by clicking on My Profile in the menu.

To edit the information that shows on your business profile, click on the cog on the right hand side of your profile image and select Edit Profile.

Announcement, Location & Business Name

ANNOUNCEMENT: If you have something important to share, like a discount code, a current special offer or you’re on holiday – add it here. This shows at the top of your profile info.

COUNTRY: Select your country

EARRING BUSINESS NAME: Type in your business name here

Website, Instagram, Facebook, Payment Options

WEBSITE URL: Type out the full url of your website including http:// or https://. If you sell on Instagram or Facebook, type in this url here.

INSTAGRAM: You don’t need to type in the full url here – just your Instagram username.

FACEBOOK: You don’t need to type in the full url here – just your Facebook username.

AVAILABLE PAYMENT OPTIONS: Add all payment options you offer your customers here. If your option doesn’t show here and you want it added, let us know.

Free Shipping, Custom Orders, Earring Style, Material & Theme

FREE SHIPPING: If you offer free shipping to your local customers or internationally, you can select this here.

CUSTOM ORDER OPTIONS: If you allow customers to request custom orders you should select ACCEPTS CUSTOM ORDERS. Select NO CUSTOM ORDERS if you have a strict no custom order policy.

EARRING STYLE: Select the earring styles you sell – do not select styles you do not sell or seldom sell.

EARRING MATERIAL: Select the main materials you use in your earring products. This does not include hooks, posts, backings etc.

EARRING THEME: Select the themes that best match the type of earring products you sell.

Wholesale, Workshops, Business Info, Keywords

WHOLESALE AVAILABLE: If you are happy to be contacted by stockists about wholesale opportunities, check this box.

WORKSHOPS AVAILABLE: If you run workshops teaching your skills, check this box. Make sure you add extra information in your business info section.

BUINESS INFO: Write a short bio about your business here. This text box allows up to 500 words.

KEYWORDS: Put yourself in a customer’s shoes. What keywords might they type in the search box to find you? Add single words here with a space between each. These do not show on your profile page but will be searchable in the directory.

UPDATE PROFILE: Make sure you click UPDATE PROFILE to save all your updates.

Profile Features

Overview of Profile Features

FOLLOWERS & FOLLOWING: Click on the number underneath these titles to view users that are following you and who you are following. The users who follow you will see your posts in their newsfeed. The posts from users you follow will appear in your newsfeed.

MESSAGES: The envelope icon is your messages. You can view and reply to messages sent to you here.

SOCIAL ACTIVITY WALL: The pencil within the square icon is your social activity wall. You can create new posts here and view all your own activity. Users who visit your profile will be able to see all your posts here.

PHOTO ALBUMS: The image icon is where your created photo albums are shown. You can create new albums and users who visit your profile will be able to see your photos here.

REVIEWS: The star icon is where your star rating average is shown and all reviews from users. You can reply to reviews.

NOTIFICATIONS BELL: If you have a notification/s the number of available notifications will show in red on the bell icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Clicking on this will show all current notifications. e.g – new comment, new message, new review, new follower etc

REQUEST VERIFICATION: Businesses can request a verified account which, if approved, will enable a verification badge on their profile. Verification is based on a number of factors and cannot be purchased.


When you receive a new message, you’ll get a notification and depending on how many messages you have waiting for you, you’ll have a number appear over the envelope icon on your profile.

You can reply to a message by typing in the reply message box. There is a 500 character limit.

You can block a user who has sent you a message, delete their message or download it.

You can choose who can send you private messages on the My Account page under Privacy. You can choose what message notifications you receive on the My Account page under Web Notifications.

Newsfeed Posts

Posting on your wall is similar to Facebook! You can share text, tag other users by using the @ symbol, include weblinks and add photos to your posts!

Your posts will appear on your public profile under the activity tab and in your follower’s newsfeed.

To help Earring Directory see your posts use hashtags that explain your events – e.g #restock #sale #giveaway #newdesign #collaboration and tag @earringdirectoryadmin in your posts (you need to follow @earringdirectoryadmin to tag us).

Earring Directory may repost your posts on their wall, on the Feature page or on other social media channels (e.g Facebook and Instagram).

You can also post on other user’s walls.

Photo Albums

You can add photo albums to your profile. Click + New Album, give your album a title (e.g New Collection), Add photos , select an album cover and click add.

Users who visit your profile will be able to browse your photos and albums.

You can download all your photos and delete all your photos and albums under My Photos on your My Account page.


Any user can review your business. Your average review star rating and all your reviews from users will appear under the Reviews tab on your profile.

You will get a notification when someone leave you a review.

You can reply to reviews. You can flag reviews for admin to review if the review has been left by a user who has not purchased from your business.

Search Filters & Sorting

On the Search Directory page users can sort search results based on highest reviews, followers, username (alphabetical), verified users and random (default).

The information you add to your profile enables users to filter their search results based on the information you have provided in your profile such as your location, earring style, materials, theme, payment options, custom orders and more.

My Account Features

Username, name & email

Sorry, you can’t change your username.

Your first and last name are not public.

Make sure your email address is always up to date as this is used to send you notifications and verify you.

My Account Menu

Your My Account menu is easy to navigate. You control how you receive notifications and who can see your information and get in touch with you.

Your Privacy

You decide who can see your profile and information you post. As a paying business member it is not recommended that you hide your profile from the directory but this can be handy if you are taking a short break. It is your responsibility to turn your privacy back on if you turn it off.

You can choose who can see your posts and who can send you private messages here, too.

Email Notifications

You can choose if you get an email notification when someone sends you a private message or you have a new follower on Earring Directory.

Web Notifications

Web notifications are shown within earringdirectory.com and appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

You can choose what notifications you want to show, here.

My Photos

Any photos you have added to your Photo Album tab can be downloaded or deleted here.

Deleting your account.

You can delete your account anytime from the My Account page. This deletes all your account data from the site and if you have paid any monies, a refund will not be issued.